Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rebirth: Completing the Return of DMV Sports

"Allow me to re-introduce myself..."

     December 30, 2012, FEDEX Field; they may as well have played Jay-Z's Public Service Announcement.  If you were lucky enough to be in attendance (and your humble scribe, Tyler was), and happen to follow sports in the D.C. area, then you already know. 

After 20 years in a grey life-suck, D.C. sports have finally and loudly might I add, completed their rebirth and re-introduction.  If you don't happen to follow sports in the D.C. area, or are still unaware that the Redskins stomped the Dallas Cowboys in week 17 to sew up the NFC East Title, then the 82,845 Burgundy and Gold clad maniacs who were in attendance could cue you in on where the latest city was to announce its relevance on the athletic landscape. 

Before we continue, I have to add that there were ONLY two moments in a four hour period during this game when those people were sitting; during warm-ups, and halftime.  Once we were told to stand for D.C. Washington’s (his actual name not a typo. How is he not the go-to-guy for every home DC sporting event!?) rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, one that the crowd proudly sang along with, almost rendering him mute; we would not return to our seats until halftime. 

Standing and screaming for four hours in the biting cold on a Sunday night, playing for the division in December was certainly a sight for sore eyes for those of us who grew up with the great Skins teams of years gone by.  This scene was different, this wasn’t just about beating Dallas, this was the next chapter in a seismic shift of performance and expectation in the self-titled, and never disputed, "Most Powerful City in the World."

Our quarterback was hobbled, but heroic. Their quarterback was ineffective, and yet again Romorrible, see CHOKE (v.)  in the dictionary.

Our running back bruised and battered the opposition for 200 yards and 3 scores. Their running back couldn’t keep his pants around his waist vs. the Saints. 

Our receiving corps caught everything insight and spun the ball like a Jewish kid at Hanukah.  Their MUCH more heralded receiving corps were crippled and confined to wheelchairs. 

Our defense held tough and intercepted passes at will.  Their defense was gashed time and time again, and their ability to stop our zone-read offense is the same as Bin Laden’s ability to breath right now (‘Merica). 

Our defensive coordinator was under fire all year but quietly went about his business and made adjustments throughout this trying season. Their defensive coordinator got louder and more abrasive with every loss. (AND WAS FIRED YESTERDAY!)

Our head coach’s face had a reddish hue of success. Their head coach’s hair had a reddish hue of ginger.

The Redskins held the edge in every facet. The stadium was full and louder than Albert Haynesworth’s belly.  Redskins Nation was together as one singing “Hail to the Redskins” loudly and proudly, whether you were in attendance that night, or watching at home.

No more was our greedy owner selling seats to Stub Hub for the opposing team to flock to our eye-sore in Landover.  A sea of burgundy and gold welcomed Jerry Jones and his Cowboys, and ushered them out with glee at the end of the game.

This singular win’s magnitude was felt throughout our region and thus completed a year that most of us had never seen.  Wins were a plenty (whereas they are generally at a premium), stars were born, and blueprints for success were distributed.  However, just like our savior RG3 said, this was just dinner. 2013 will be our dessert!

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