Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Year in Review Manifesto

The smoke has cleared, the tears have dried, and we are all beginning to come out of our isolated cocoons.

Robert Griffin III’s knee is being reconstructed as we speak, and that gut punch of a loss from past Sunday still hurts.  But much like RGKnee, the pain is beginning to dissipate and we are ready to rehab our fanbase.

In order to do this, we must not dwell on the Armageddon-esque negatives(Nationals Game 5 and RGKnee) from this past season, but instead celebrate the great accomplishments of our beloved franchises.

We have not seen a year like this in D.C. in…well…ever.  A few weeks ago we began writing about the past year in D.C. sports, and we quickly realized that there was too much for just one article.  We have compiled it into two parts, so if you eat, breathe, sleep, and fart D.C. sports please enjoy and reflect with us on what a great year this was!

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