Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Legit 2 Quip: Ride-Him Cup

The Ryder Cup is all set to tee off, and the storylines are thicker than that bad salad on Rory McIlroy’s head.  We are not going to pretend like we know much about golf and go on and on with analysis and predictions, although we do play a mean 18 of putt putt.  If you are looking for an awesome and knowledgeable preview, then go to Grantland for Shane Ryan's piece.  If you're looking to chuckle and poke fun at Europeans, then this is the place for you! A picture stumbled across our desks here at Battle of the Beltway LLC, and we decided to weigh in on what is really going on here...

Sergio: “Look sweetums, my Mom and Dad finally emailed us back! They love the idea of a November date for our Commitment Ceremony!”
Rory: "I'll call the wedding planner!"

Sergio: “Would you prefer the White Floral centerpieces or the Tall Garlands?”
Rory: "Whatever you think is best, handsome."

"Check out Tim Legler's career 3pt percentage!"

Sergio: "Do these yoga pants make my ass look fat?"
Rory: "Yea, but all the right kind of ways."

Sergio: "Hey, have I shown you a picture of Caroline Wozniacki's johnson before?"
Rory: “This is not a deal breaker for me…”

"Why is she letting that donkey do that to her???"

"Oh good heavens, is that the stringed end of her racket!?"

"My name must be close to Rachel Uchitel's in Tiger's contacts list."

"This was Martina Hingis when I started banging her...and this is her after she started doing blow."

“Whomp em gangnam style!”

Sergio: "Phil needs to stop posting pictures of himself by the pool."
Rory: "I know! He's got bigger tits than Craig Stadler."

Sergio: “Check out what Edin is doing with her 9 iron.”
Rory: “Tiger is an idiot for screwing that one up.”

“Have I shown you MeatSpin yet?”

"Look at this picture Brett Favre sent me"

Happy Friday everybody! 

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