Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pitino's Punctuality

The worst named arena in all of sports is home to a great early season college basketball game tonight.  Of course we are talking about the #12 ranked Georgetown Hoyas facing off with the undefeated and #4 ranked Louisville Cardinals at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville (We guess that’s probably a better name than Pitino’s Prophylactic Pavilion, or maybe the Sypher Center). 

Yesterday, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino announced he would not continue to coach after his contract expires in 2017.  I guess you could say Rick Pitino prematurely announced his retirement, which if you know Pitino’s story, is not out of character for him. We figured rather than previewing tonight’s heavyweight tilt, we would just make fun of Pitino and his inability to hold his sauce longer than it takes to read the back cover of a DVD.

Hey Rick, how many seconds was it?

We wonder if Louisville will release the players on the basketball from their scholarships early, once Pitino retires in 2017.  It would be a fitting homage to their coach who once (and probably many other times) released members of his swim team early.

2017 won’t be the first time Pitino has released a group of children mothered by women he met only once.

When working with his wing players, Pitino has always stressed an early release on their jump shots.  Makes a lot of sense now.

The NCAA shot clock can outlast Rick Pitino in a bathroom stall. Hell even the NBA shot clock can outlast Slick Rick.

Chris Johnson’s 40 time is impressed by Pitino’s 69 time.

Even this burp lasted longer than Rick Pitino's short and sweet "crapper encounter".

Sprinter Speed is when a guy is fast in one direction, leaving everyone electrified.  Pitino Speed is when a guy is fast in one direction, leaving everyone disappointed.

Even Ben Roethlisberger thinks what Rick Pitino did in the bathroom stall was pathetic.

Step Your Game Up Rick.

There are few things more fun than ripping on Rick Pitino’s short lived bout with adultery.  There are jokes for days on this topic but we decided we would keep this one short and sweet, just like…well you get the point. GO HOYAS!

Pitino's Vinegar Strokes

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