Thursday, April 28, 2011

NFL Draft Preview: Time to Go on the Offensive

by Ben

The smart money says the Skins should draft a defensive player, but when have the Skins ever been used in the sentence as “smart money”?  This makes it an absolute necessity to take a gander at some of the offensive prospects that are on the Redskins’ radar.  We know Shanazorn’s arrogance will not allow him to draft a running back before the 4th round, so we can cross Mark Ingram and other highly touted running backs off the list.  The Skins will be looking intently at Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, and Offensive tackles.   Almost as intently as myself the first time I saw the Erin Andrews video.  

It appears Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will not be on the board for the Skins at no. 10, which does not make me fret because Jon Gruden proved that although Cam Newton played at a Heisman level, he still learns at a 3rd grade level.  Sorry Cam you may have had a tutor taking your tests and writing your papers at Auburn, but they won't be able to save you in the NFL nor will they be able to  tell you what a “Sam” linebacker is. 

Coming out of High School, Locker was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Are we still expected to call them that? Seriously?)  and was offered $2 million to sign.  He turned that down.  Last year he was the presumptive number one overall pick worth a projected $50 million.  He turned that down to, because he felt he had unfinished business at Washington.  He is not motivated by money which would be refreshing to have around Redskins Park.  Many people hated on his decision to stay in school, but I really respected it.  Yes this guy cost himself large amounts of money, but it is his potential money…not yours.  He enjoyed his four years in college and wanted to finish what he started.  Why can’t we just respect that and leave it alone? His numbers slipped and his accuracy is in question.  But he also rallied his team from 3-6 to 6-6, a Holiday Bowl birth, and an upset win over Nebraska in said Holiday Bowl.  There has been much ado about his accuracy, but I watched a lot of Washington Huskies football games this past season and his receivers dropped a ton of passes.  I mean this receiving corp collectively had hands like deer.  Not to mention he was under center behind a much maligned offensive line that constantly had him on the run.  I personally think Locker is going to be a solid pro quarterback because he is a smart, loyal, driven, and a competitive football player.  He is entering the league with a chip on his shoulder that will serve him well. I think Locker would be a good fit with the Shanazorn offensive system due to his mobility and ability to throw on the run. I would be a big fan of Jake Locker wearing the Burgundy and Gold for years to come. In fact I think we should trade down for him (Tyler's mind is officially lost). 

Can you believe certain NFL coaches are already writing this guy off because he’s a ginger? I have been watching sports all my life and I have never heard anything so ridiculous…well almost.  Look at what this guy accomplished at TCU.  He led his team from Conference USA doormat to BCS Contender.  His numbers his final two years are staggering as he orchestrated a fast paced and quick hitting offense.  He may not be the biggest quarterback in the draft or the most mobile, but he is a winner with a killer work ethic.  He is not the sexy pick, but he is the smart pick.  I would absolutely love it if the Skins snagged him in round two, bheut t previous statement proves why the Skins will not take him. One of the biggest knocks on him right now is the fact that his hair is the same color as this guy’s.  Really NFL? No wonder you are in a lockout!

It was New Year’s  Eve of this past year and I was at a D.C. area bar ringing in 2011.  In the background there was a T.V. playing highlights of the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl between South Carolina and Florida State.  While watching these highlights, my buddies and I decided to take shots of Gin in order to pay homage to Christian Ponder’s four year career at Florida State.  You should be raising the question: “Shots of Gin!?! Why on Earth would you rip shots of gin?” This was our rationale:

Gin is a very solid liquor, especially when mixed.  But as far as taking shots of it, well it is just disappointing and dangerously overrated.  This was Christian Ponder’s career at FSU in a shot glass.

It should come as no surprise that Ponder is HIGH on Shanazorn’s draft board…

One word: BEAST.  A 6’3” 220 lb beast.  Jones is a gifted freak, athletic, chiseled, and possesses super soft hands.  He must moisturize.  He is going to be a bon-a-fide stud in the NFL.  He would be an excellent pick for the Skins at number 10, unfortunately for Jones he would be receiving awkwardly ugly spiral from none other than this guy.  Last year as a junior Jones amassed 78 catches for 1,133 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Truth be told this is the dude I want us to snag, even though our holes on the defensive side are more glaring than Albert Haynesworth’s character flaws.  

Smith is flying up draft boards ever since his athletic prowess was on full display at USC’s pro day and the NFL Combine.  He was a right tackle at USC, but many coaches and scouts can envision him protecting a quarterback’s blindside for the next decade or so.  He is as athletically gifted as any lineman in this draft.  The Cowboys (who pick at number 9) are allegedly in love with Smith and are likely to snatch him up.  This would be hurt because well frankly I hate Jerry Jones and everything that he stands for.  The only knock I have on Tyron Smith is that he was coached by Lane Kiffin last year.  Other than that, he seems to be a very valuable prospect.  I am salivating over the idea of Trent Williams at Left Tackle, Smith at Right Tackle and Andy Dalton in the pocket with all day to throw.   Come dream along with me…

So there you have it.  These are a few prospects both offensive and defensive that we think the Redskins should take a look at.   

Dream Scenario: Snag either Julio Jones,  Robert Quinn, or Tyron Smith in the 1st.  And Dalton in the 2nd.

Most likely scenario: Skins trade this year’s 1st, 2nd, and next year’s 1st round picks to some team in the top3-5 and draft Newton or Gabbert.  Thus filling only 1 of our 37 holes and ensconcing our young quarterback of the future in  a “FAIL-ONLY” situation.   That is if the NFL every plays another game.

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