Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Weekly Groove

Sir Billiam is back and this week we will be discussing the musical
genius of a true American icon and inspirational leader of the glitter
community.  If you do not know who I speak of, please read on, and get
ready for your world to get rocked.  If you do know who I speak of,
follow suit and pay tribute to this national treasure.

The American culture relies heavily on the value of the almighty
dollar.  America is the definition of greatness. Thus, it can be seen
that the dollar sign is interchangeable with greatness.  You may be
asking yourself, where are you going with this one, Sir Billiam?

I will spell it out for you.  K - E - $ - H - A.  Yes, that is right
ladies and gentlemen.  Ke$ha.  With the world at her fingertips and a
symbol of currency in her name, she uses her beats to inspire even the
worst dancers at the club to go out and bust a move.  There has been
controversy with some of the lyrics of her songs in which children as
young as 4 have been brushing their teeth with the alcoholic drink
Jack Daniels, some teenagers have been caught at school trying to use
love as an actual drug, and many people have been speaking in double
when trying to get pedicures on their toes, toes, when answering their
phones, phones and when they are trying to pray to their Jesus neck a
lace ace ace.  On a positive note, however, the glitter community has
had a 432% spike in sales in the past 4 months.

All in all, Ke$ha has now inspired our culture to throw aside any type
of class that we once had and realize that life is truly about how
much fun and filth you can involve yourself in.

So this weekend, ladies, put on your glitter, and guys, get ready to
fist pump. Because Ke$ha will be blasting her music for the world to
hear, and to that we can only say... Thank you.

Oh and ladies, don't be afraid to hit on dudes... hard.

I hope to return to you soon.

-Sir Billiam

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