Monday, June 6, 2011

Draft Day Dynamos!?

by Tyler

Hello Sports Fans,
     As we here at the BoB discussed two weeks ago, we are dead in the middle of draft season.  The NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL all have their drafts in this glorious 5 month span.  Last we left off we discussed the draft lottery and who the Wizards should take.  One guy on our list, Kawhi Leonard is now pegged as going to the Wizards at six.  That’s the sound of us patting ourselves on the back, ahhhthankyou.  Anyway, we’re going to turn the clocks back here for a minute and recap the Skins 2011 draft.  The Lockout is now officially a runaway freight train and I don’t think football happens until November, so let’s speculate. 
Round 1: Ryan Kerrigan , (traded down to 16 with Jacksonville, got the Jags second round pick)
Todd McShay has said, “There is no way this guy is going to be a bust.”  High motor, high character guy, won’t blow you away with explosive athleticism but is always in the right place.  He was a unanimous first team All-American at Purdue, and was named the 2010 Big Ten defensive player of the year.  He’ll play opposite Orakpo and thus will relieve some of the pressure and attention that is always thrown 98’s way. 
 Ball State Offensive Line Coach:
“Ryan Kerrigan=STUD, best DE I ever coached against.  Freaky strength and natural power….snapped my LT’s ACL.
If you’re a Redskins fan your damn excited about this guy.  He helps out on the pass rush in a huge way, with 12.5 sacks last season, 70 tackles 23 of which were for a loss.  At 6’4”263 he’s an ideal fit as an OLB in a 3-4 scheme.  The word relentless is thrown around all the time describing the guy, never a bad thing.  not to mention the second rounder they fleeced Jacksonville for.

If you had asked any football pundit what the odds were that Jarvis Jenkins would be taken AHEAD of Da’Quan Bowers they wouldn’t give you a number, they’d punch you in the face.  It’s not because Jenkins is no good, it’s because many thought Bowers is a top 5 talent.  If you look at Jenkins’s tape you see quite a bit of production there.  Coming in at 6’4” 315 he figures to be a nice cog in the center, or on one of the end spots in the Skins 3-4 scenario (since his arrival in DC it’s rumored that Jenkins will be playing on the end.).  If that’s true, you have Haynesworth and Jenkins on your line, maybe I’m overselling but I think you could do worse.  By the way, he was a team captain, and he had no academic or off-field issues while at Clemson.   Two rounds down, two defenders taken, two needs addressed, one relentless defender, and one team captain, very un-Redskin indeed. 

Before you read our take, please do us a favor and watch the video above, be advised, it DOES NOT look like that of a third round pick.  Now for the stats, 13 TD’s last year, that broke a certain Michael Irvin’s record for TD’s in a season, and yes he’s in Canton.  1,156 yards, 72 receptions, in 13 games.  Santana Moss had 93 receptions, for 1115 yards and 6 TD’s.  Clearly Hankerson’s numbers are impressive, he comes in at 6’2” 210 with hands measuring 10.5” (from the tip of his thumb to the tip of his pinky both extended in opposite directions, that’s how hand is measured)  and he runs a respectable 4.4.  Hankerson has been described as a hard working receiver that is willing to pay the price, ok so that’s three high character guys in the first three rounds.  This is an absolute steal; there was talk that he could sneak into the first round as possibly the third best receiver in the class, behind AJ Green and Julio Jones.   They grabbed him in round 3…that’s a win.

Roy Helu and Evan Royster
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the count ‘em TWO running backs Shanahan took, Roy Helu and Evan Royster.   Yes the same Roy Helu who had the 300 yard game against Missouri.  Roy Helu, with the 4.42 40 time and the largest hands for any running back at the combine this year.  Another guy who in the scouting report is respected and well liked by teammates.   Overall he rushed for over 1200 yards and 11 TD’s.  Apparently, he’s not great in pass protection or in the passing game, and does have ball security and slight injury concerns. 
Which brings us to Royster.  Three 1000 yard rushing seasons at Penn State, powerful north south type runner that doesn’t dance in the hole.  Also, wouldn’t you know it, another guy respected by his teammates and is above average in pass protection.  Doesn’t have the straight line speed or change of direction ability that Helu possesses, but doesn’t have the ball security or passing game concerns he does.  The overall report on Royster is that he is good at everything, but isn’t great at any one thing.  He is a Northern Virginia native and has DMV roots which cannot be measured on any combine test. 
 Overall based on those picks only, I think you have the give the Redskins a B grade.  They continued to trade back after the third round which was surprising to some considering there were some good players on the board, however, the Skins are in a mode where they just want to get as many players in their camp as possible.  Also, when the roster is as depleted and has as many holes as the Skins do, acquiring as many assets as possible is the best way to go.  Also, lest we forget, free agency hasn’t happened yet, neither has the ability to trade.  On the trade market I think you throw out Haynesworth and McNabb obviously, knowing full well you probably won’t get more than a 4th rounder for either, but again, acquiring more assets here is key.   Also, I think throwing Chris Cooley out there has to be entertained.  You could make the case that a TE needy team could be in the market for his services, looking at you Seattle, Arizona, Tennessee, Jacksonville and some more that I can’t think of at the moment.  Free agency is where things get interesting, the Skins still have a need at CB, Nnamdi Asom….well I can’t spell his name but he’s arguably the best CB in the league.  If he wasn’t rotting in Oakland and was in the NFC East, the debate of him or Revis would be ON FIRE!!  I know what you’re thinking, free agency has gone about as well as Chicago’s world cup bid, (by the way the World Cup thing is ridiculous, apparently the French sold their votes AGAIN, is there any other country that is so arrogant and so SOFT at the same time, honestly we’re the reason they’re not goose stepping at the Louvre and they have the nerve to sodomize our bid so this assclown and his shitty little country can host, “the biggest sporting event on the planet.”  Seriously, a drunken Marine with an unsharpened number 2 pencil could take that country over tomorrow.)  Later in the summer we’re going to delve a bit deeper into what the Skins need and how they can get it, in the mean time enjoy the weather!

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