Friday, November 4, 2011

An Open Letter to Redskins Nation

Fellow Skins fans,

     I guess the most shocking thing about this season is not the 3-1 start, not that Rex Grossman is.,...well..."Wrecks Grosse man", not that the Slingin' Celibate has accuracy problems or would not be a starter for any other CF, I mean NFL team, NOT EVEN THE 3 SOON TO BE 6-7 game losing streak!!  It's the fans reactions to all of the above.

      You mean to tell us, that even after the 3-1 start, with such dynamic players as Rex Grossman, Tim Hightower and Santana Moss (no offense here, they'd be excellent 2nd options on a contender, with the exception of the alien fetus Grosse-man) would guide this team to a playoff berth!!?!?  I'm sorry, but that was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.  There are just too many holes everywhere, a broken offensive line, your starting RB and number 1 WR out, Cooley on the IR (more on him later);  there was simply no way this team was going to be competitive.  

     Optimism should still be felt around the area for the 'Skins, there is a plan in place, there is a young, very talented defense coming together before our eyes, with a blitz happy evil genius defensive coordinator leading them.  Call me crazy, but in a year or two, the number 1 defense in the NFL will be in our backyard.  Also, lets not forget, that with losing, and lots of it, comes relief in the form of the draft.  In years prior this wouldn't mean a thing because Snyder traded away draft picks like Kim Kardashian trades professional athletes.  HOWEVA, Bruce Allen either spoon feeds The Daniel horse tranquilizers every morning, or Snyder is genuinely not meddling anymore, leaving football brains to do football things; again reason for optimism.  if the Skins aren't drafting in the top 5, trade back, again, get another 2nd rounder, again, and go from there.  The 'Skins need to be in full out asset acquisition mode in the form of the draft, the more they get, the better.

     Two more reasons for optimism, the Shanahans.  Now, before you close your computer and vow never to read our ramblings again...know this.  Mikey has two rings, could turn any one of our dozens of readers into a 1,000 yard rusher, and clearly has an eye for offensive talent.  One more reason, his spawn Kyle.  Has he made some bad calls this year? He sure has, but hasn't every offensive coordinator?  Also, think about what Kyle did with a top-15 QB, one elite reciever and an above average tight end.  His pieces in Houston were Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels (I know what you're thinking, ARIAN FOSTER, to that I say shove it, Foster made his debut last year while Kyle was trying to coach the corpse formerly known as Donovan McNabb).  In DC he has Jex Greck (Rex Grossman + John Beck) Santana Moss and Fred Davis.  See what we're getting at? HE DOESN'T HAVE THE PIECES!!!!  Fred Davis, yes, he's the future, but they need a WR and a QB.  Lets get him an above average (slighty, see Schaub) QB, and a top 10 reciever (Johnson is top 3 but he doesn't come around often) and you're GUARANTEED to see improvement, the stable of RB's is better in DC than Kyle had in Houston (i'll take Tim Hightower 3 hours after surgery on hie torn ACL over Steve Slaton every day that ends in Y!), so he can lean on the run game more than he could in Houston, a balanced offense is an effective offense.

    Remember Chris Cooley? Yea, me too. The truth is, he was the playmaker in the offense for a few years, and one of the princes of DC, but now with a diminished role in the offense and a year on the IR, I'm afraid we have seen the last of Cooley.  It's a shame really, and what's worse is they should've traded him before this year while his value was higher.  The Redskins could have gotten a 4th rounder for him, from Chicago to help Cutler, and thus letting him go to a contender.  Didn't happen, the Skins tried to force having two highly skilled TE's in one offense, which we knew would fail, and here we are, Cooley's on the IR, can't be traded, probably will be released....sad really...sorry Chris you deserved better

     Interesting sidebar to the weekend.  The return of Carlos stonehands Rogers.  I understand being disappointed about not being a contender.  But I can count 5 occassions where Mr. Rogers dropped surefire interceptions that probably would've lead to a touchdown.  He has every right to be bitter I guess, we made him feel loved despite his inability to catch, paid him millions, bought his jersey, and begged for autographs.  That's cool though, leave the team that discovered and coached you and made you a millionaire despite your obvious flaws, then first chance you get, throw that team under the bus, class act. 
    Chew on those ramblings Redskins fans, but please don't spit em out.  Swallow em, digest em, and crap em out and text me a picture of what they look like.  I promise it won't look as bad as you think.  And if it does look bad...flush it and forget it. The Redskins will be back damnit, ya just gotta have faith.  

Keepin the Faith,


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