Monday, March 4, 2013

Our First Podcast!

Friends, Family, Stage 5 Clingers, lend us your ears.  We have decided to take our talents to the microphones and produce our very first podcast!

Our maiden voyage is similar to our columns entitled "The Beltway Looparounds" where we cover local sports in the "Inner Loop" and national sports news in the "Outer Loop." Clever, right?

In this cherry-poppin' podcast we take extensively about the Wizards in the Inner Loop, and hit you with some fast and furious news from the NFL in the Outer Loop.


Battle of the Beltway Podcast: Inner Loop

P.S. Check back soon for our completely biased and irrational Baseball Preview Podcast covering the O's and the Nats.


  1. He knows greatest from being around us!! Ha Ha Ha You guys have such grown up voices these days! I don't think Ben's voice cracked at all. Nice Job!! I would rather "watch" or listen to this than Mike and Mike in the Morning. ESPN are you listening!!!!!

  2. Haha thank you very much sir!!! Our goal, as always, was to force the issue. #Rule10